Don’t Miss the Milwaukee 99 and the Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame Induction!

Milwaukee99 2015

C2 loves Milwaukee Creatives!

It’s the don’t miss event of the season – the Milwaukee 99 Awards Show presented by United Adworkers! Local agencies of all sizes submit their best work from the past year, to be judged by top creatives from around the country. It’s a celebration of imagination and ingenuity (as well as one heck of a party!), so be sure to attend and fête Milwaukee’s best creatives. (And make sure you look for an extra-special Best of Show model!)

Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame 2015

Part of the celebration is the induction of new members into the Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame. This year, that honor goes to GMR Marketing founder, Gary M. Reynolds; former Creative Director and General Manager of Cramer-Krasselt, Neil Casey; and beloved Milwaukee Brewers’ icon, Bob Uecker.

The Wisconsin Advertising and Design Hall of Fame was created to honor the achievements and preserve the work and the legacies of Wisconsin’s greatest advertising pioneers. With a permanent virtual home online, the Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame showcases the people that pioneered advertising in Wisconsin along with a historical collection of some of the state’s most honored and influential work.

Seats are going fast for this October 1st event – group tables are already sold out, but individual tickets are still available. Doors open at 6:00pm at the Harley Davidson museum, and the show starts at 7:30. This will be a SOLD OUT event, so snap up your tickets now!

C2 Gears Up for Local Creative Events!


As Fall approaches, so does a flurry of professional development and networking events from Milwaukee’s creative community! #C2LovesMKECreatives

Hope to see you out soon!



August 18 – mkeUX: Deconstructing/Reconstructing UX Seminar




August 20 – Happy Hour with Ad 2 Milwaukee




August 26 – United Adworkers: 2015 All Star (softball) Game


Ad2 Scavenger Hunt


September 26 – Ad2: 3rd Annual Social Media Scavenger Hunt




October 1 –  United Adworkers: 2015 MILWAUKEE 99 Awards Show

Atom – The Best Student Code Editor for Web Development

atom text editor

I have a new favorite text editor to recommend to students of web development who want a professional, efficient web coding environment at a reasonable price. (Is 100% free reasonable enough for you?)

The Atom text editor has been around for about a year but just left beta and became a 1.0 product last month. It is built and maintained by a team of experts from GitHub, the web’s premiere code hosting service. Atom offers a very professional level coding experience, easily comparable to the industry leader, Sublime Text. While I still recommend Sublime Text for professional coders, Sublime is a $70 text editor and Atom is nearly as good and absolutely free. So what do I like about Atom besides its price?

– Available for all modern operating systems
– Identical coding experience across all three major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux
– A clean layout; features are not hidden in panels and dialog boxes
– Good (but not great) documentation
– Easily installable themes to personalize your coding environment
– Built in autocompletion for code
– World class search and replace capabilities
– Support forums
– A full range of packages that allow you to add features to the base program
– Every keyboard shortcut is editable by the user
– The packages are extremely easy to install
– My all time favorite package “Emmet” is available and works great

Emmet is one of my requirements for any web coding environment I work in, and I’m happy to say it works great with Atom. Emmet is a package of shortcuts that makes writing HTML and CSS code a breeze. Emmet has my highest recommendation for anyone coding for the web. The advantage of Emmet is more easily explained by watching the movie on the front page of the emmet website.

I also suggest students download the “Sublime-Style-Column-Selection” package and the “color-picker” packages. The color picker should mostly be self-explanatory; it adds a nice graphical color picker just a keystroke away. The Sublime-Style-Column-Selection package allows for vertical code selections and multiple live cursors.

There are thousands of additional free packages that allow you to customize your environment and add features to the base program.

Atom is a great coding experience at a great price. Download it here and try it out!

The only con I’ve found is performance – Atom can be noticeably slow while handling extremely large files. A regex search on the complete text of Alice In Wonderland took me over 40 seconds using Atom, and less than a second using Sublime text. Though, in normal size web documents, the performance is not a deal breaker.

New Adobe Creative Cloud Features 2015


My review of the new Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 update begins with two warnings:

1 – Read the installer carefully BEFORE you run it! By default, installing the new 2015 versions will delete the previous versions of the software. There is a checkbox hidden under “Advanced Options” that you need to uncheck to keep your previous versions. See this article before updating.

2 – As always, I recommend letting the early adopters find the bugs, especially if you are in the middle of production. There are bugs in every new version of software and this release is no different. My suggestion? Give it a month, do some research to see what problems are being reported and hold on to your earlier version until you are completely comfortable with the 2015 updates

To stay on top of all the Adobe features, make sure to attend our Creative Cloud Upgrade Class on July 30th!

Now let’s talk about what you have to look forward to when you are ready to upgrade. I have to say the 2015 apps are pretty light on new features and a little heavier on the bugs than I like to see in an update.

Universal Features for All Apps

  • One click access to Adobe’s stock photo library. The contents are not free and the apps simply launch the website in a browser but you can easily download watermarked comps and place them in any file.
  • Assets you have placed in an Adobe Cloud Library can now be live-linked instead of only copy/pasted into your documents. This means if you update an asset in your cloud library the changes will automatically update in any file that links to that item.
  • Cloud libraries now support character styles, paragraph styles and color themes.

Photoshop CC 2015

  • The Save for Web menu item has moved! It is now found at File > Export > Save for Web (legacy). Adobe is moving towards some new export options but I have to say I’m not quite onboard with them just yet. I feel labeling Save for Web as legacy may be premature.
  • Camera Raw has a new Dehaze filter in the FX section to cut through haze and flare. In the before and after sample below the slider is on the right. You’ll see lots of examples of this filter showing landscapes but I thought I’d show how it can also remove flare from lightsources too. (Click through on all the images below to see a full size copy.)
  • dehaze-filter
  • Multiple Artboards. If you like Adobe Illustrator’s multiple artboards, well, it’s your lucky update as Photoshop has gained the same capabilities. The multiple artboards are probably most useful for web and mobile designers to comp up multiple different size layouts (as you probably can guess from the artboard presets in this screenshot). You can, of course, make artboards any size you like.
  • list-of-artboard-presets-photoshop-2015
  • A new glyphs panel to make finding that special character much easier. You can find it under Window > Glyphs
  • photoshop-glyphs-panel
  • A new slider in the Blur Gallery filter restore grain/noise to blurs.
  • Add multiple copies of a layer style to a single layer. Here I’ve added 4 strokes to a single photo layer. Just hit the little plus symbol to the right of a styles name and alter your new style. Please note: Not all layer styles allow multiple effects and any individual effect is limited to 10 instances.
  • multiple-layer-styles

InDesign CC 2015

  • Images placed in table cells now follow all the fitting and framing options that normal graphic frames allow. Neat.
  • Paragraphs themselves can have their own background color that stays with that paragraph. OK. Who ordered that?
  • There is preview access to a beta feature that allows you to publish InDesign documents as web pages. Unfortunately you don’t get access to the HTML and related files – you can only publish directly to the creative cloud and offer people links. This feature would be much more useful when/if we can export to files on our hard drives.

Illustrator CC 2015

Almost all Illustrator’s new features are under the hood – more zoom magnification, faster screen redraws (which are not working for me – I find the redraw in Illustrator 2015 to be dramatically slower), better integration with the mobile and tablet apps, auto save for recovering files from crashes.

Illustrator 2015 does include a preview of a feature they plan on adding to Illustrator (it’s kind of like a beta version): Creative Cloud Charts. There is a brand new tool at the top of the chart tools called CC Charts Tool (all your old charting tools are still available). I have to say I very much prefer the older chart tools – the new Creative Cloud Charts are entirely cloud based and at least in their current state I don’t see any advantage over the older tools. But try it out yourself and see what you think.


Winning – Local Style!

Photo © James Conway Photography

Did you know that independent businesses re-spend two to three times more of each revenue dollar locally than their chain competitors, resulting in more jobs and community benefits?*

Have you ever felt frustration when Milwaukee-based companies shop out-of-state for creative services rather than tapping local ad agencies and marketing firms? C2 knows that feeling.

Milwaukee’s ad shops, marketing firms and in-house agencies have choices when sourcing freelancers and temporary talent, many of them using national creative staffing firms. C2 wants a shot at winning that business.

Consider spending a few additional minutes including C2 in your search for creative talent. We’re happy to go head-to-head with ANY of the other firms servicing Milwaukee (but who are headquartered in Boston, Chicago or Menlo, CA). But we can’t win if we don’t get the call.

Copy that same email you sent to our national competitors and send it to, or call 414-431-0062.

There’s only one risk in excluding C2 from your search: You won’t see the best-screened, best-matched and guaranteed talent for your print, web or video need.

You’re always going to choose the best talent of the submitted candidates – we contend they’ll come from C2. It costs nothing but a few minutes of time to see our talent, and all you have to lose is the best candidate possible.

Another benefit of working with C2: We put our money where our mouth is, investing our profits locally since we launched 11 years ago.

We spend locally! Here are just a few of the ways we invest in our local economy:
– bank with Park Bank
– order pens and other premiums from Bungee Promotions
– print with Burton & Mayer and DigiCopy
– subscribe to M Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine and BizTimes
– order delivery from FlavorCycle & Ian’s Pizza
– use Ritz Holman for accounting
– park our employees and clients in the Third Ward BID garage

In addition, C2 sponsors, hosts meetings or have employees who are members of and/or serve(d) on the board of:

  • 414digital (formerly MIMA)
  • Ad2 Milwaukee
  • Adobe/Graphic Design Meetup
  • BMA-Milwaukee
  • Creative Alliance Milwaukee
  • Drupal Meetup
  • Eisner Creative Foundation
  • Historic Third Ward Association
  • Local First
  • MMAC
  • PHP Meetup
  • United AdWorkers
  • WordPress Meetup

We make donations to local charities like:

  • Wisconsin Humane Society
  • Journey House
  • Milwaukee Soccer Development Group
  • Sojourner Family Peace Center
  • St. Aemilian
  • UPAF
  • Next Door Foundation
  • Stars & Stripes Honor Flight
  • Hope House of Milwaukee

We speak and do portfolio reviews for students at:

  • MIAD
  • MATC
  • UWM
  • WCTC

It would be incredible if the national creative staffing firms serving our region would show that level of commitment/investment in our creative economy or city.

C2 can grow our local investments by growing our business. When we win, you win! You get the best talent AND C2 continues to invest in Milwaukee’s creative industry and economy.

Go for the WIN, let C2 pitch on your next creative talent need. 

C2, Milwaukee’s only locally-owned training and staffing firm, exclusively serves the creative industry and bears the distinction of being Wisconsin’s only Adobe Authorized Training Center. C2 offers professional development to enhance efficiency or broaden skill-sets, places qualified creative and technical print, web or video talent for projects or leave coverage, as well as sourcing top-notch creatives for permanent/direct hire. 

* stat provided by American Independent Business Alliance via Local First Milwaukee: